Sagas (extract) 2019, HD Video, 38'41"


Failed constructions that were designed to keep in the heat and designate private and intimate space.
This strong dollar reinforced a divided society and bad decisions.
In this windswept landscape, entropy transformed one thing into another according to necessity, but time rendered justice to one another.


Forces of unity used to wait for nothing and move for no one.
Split into fractions and held together by shit stained fingers, the characteristic features of this place are determined by perspective.
A limp grip on the feverish lie that time binds us.
This windswept landscape is devoid of temporality.


Perhaps this is the state of insomnia?
A melancholic state that plagues the psyche of someone who cannot mourn.
If someone fell, they became absorbed by the codes of sagas.
These laws were once pioneering but have long since been discarded and the fallen bodies have been left to rot.


This line designates a state of mind.
It is simultaneously; a thought and the barren non-place between two logics.
A simple and inaccurate definition of negation.
A line that marks the end of an era.
The dividing line between night and day.
This line evokes sharing and a separation, crisis and forgetting, past and regeneration.
A strange alien world indulged in habits and bound to decline.


Something bad will happen.
A transient space, a fossilised skeleton.
Eventually, every knowledge meets prejudice.
Times are legion: a different one for every point in space.
A blurry and indefinite perspective with thickened organs, swollen by dehydration and delirium.